What’s been up!

Hey everyone! Long time no blog! 

We took an intentional break from the business to enjoy life some. We have made some big changes in our life and are finally at the spot to start growing our business a little. 

A New Focus

The goal of the business a few years ago was for it to be my full time and only job. My desires, loves, and wants have changed. I started a new full-time job last year that I absolutely love! Cameron also graduated from college and now has a full-time job as a software developer. So with this new focus of having our careers, we are ready to start adding sessions back in. 

Family Changes

Since we were last working on the business we have had a second daughter, Remi. She just had her first birthday back in October. Our oldest, Eva, is going to be three in December! We took a break during my pregnancies and the newborn phase. Life was chaotic, to say the least, well it still is! I wanted to be able to focus on the pregnancies and those early moments. 

Now What?

What does this mean for my business? We are able to do what we truly love! We are able to take on sessions and weddings for the fun of it! The joy and freedom we have now can not be compared! When you support us you are helping our family achieve our dreams!

We are so excited about this next chapter! I’m also excited to blog a little more about family life, parenting hacks I’ve learned (If you can call it that), sessions we do, and I’m not sure what else!

Here are some photos of what the past few years have had for us!



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