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So I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a post that caught my eye. There was a photographer asking for advice. She had just bought a new Apple Watch and was scared of wearing it to a wedding. She was scared that the couple would think she was on her watch and not paying attention to their wedding day. I have never had this thought, so I thought I would share my opinions on the use of technology at a wedding.

This is no surprise to any of our couples but Cameron and I are a very tech savvy couple. He works for an IT company as his full time job, so technology is a huge part of our life. Like almost to a ridiculous point. We both have pretty much every product Apple makes. If that weren’t enough we love our smart home stuff. Side point here: I thought it was stupid when he first started outfitting our home with smart home stuff, but people this stuff is awesome! When we come home the alarm is off and all our lights are on, in the morning with the push of one button the alarm turns off and all our lights we want on, come on. Some call it lazy….I call it wonderful! I publicly stand corrected Cameron, It is awesome! So we are big fans of technology and we use this to help us on wedding days. So below are how and why we use our watches and phones during a wedding day.

  1. Our couples can ALWAYS get in touch with us. We both have Apple watches so any email, call, or text message will show up on our watch. So if there’s an emergency or a change in plans, our couples can always get in touch with us.
  2. We have the timeline at the ready. We will both save the timeline to our phones and watches so we can quickly reference the timeline to see if we are on track or if we need to adjust. (Another note on timelines, we always make the timeline for the day. We want control of how the day flows so we create the timeline with the couple and we are the keepers of the timeline on the wedding day.)
  3. Cameron and I are able to communicate with each other. This is so important if you have a second shooter. Cameron and I have practiced and can communicate with hand and eye gestures when we are in the same room. However usually the first 2-3 hours of a wedding day are spent apart from each other. There is usually a lot of coordinating as far as where the groom is and where the bride is. When and where we are meeting for the first look. There are just a lot of logistics that take place during the first part of the day. So if you see us texting during a wedding we are most likely texting each other where to meet. The watches help because we can send quick messages or just quickly glance at a message without pulling our phones out. So this is the biggest reason we love both having watches during a wedding day.

Those are the 3 big reasons that we always have technology with us during a wedding. It is not because we don’t care about your wedding and we are scrolling Facebook. It is quite the opposite. We want the wedding day to flow as well as possible and the use of technology helps us do that.

Hope this helps any bride that may be confused about why we have these items with us or any photographer struggling with whether or not to have these items with you on a wedding day.

Happy Thursday my friends!


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