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Today feels like a big day for our town. It may not be that big for everyone but for a small business owner today feels like a big day.

Today a Starbucks opened up in our town.

There have been strong feelings from two different groups of people. There is the group that is so ecstatic about a Starbucks opening in town. There is also the keeping it local group supporting our own small town coffee shop. I fall into the keeping it local group. I have nothing against Starbucks. I in fact will go every fall for my white girl pumpkin spice latte. So many other coffee shops have tried but none compare to Starbuck’s. So I don’t have any moral objections to Starbucks, I just prefer to support small local businesses when possible.

Some people may not realize what they are doing when they buy from a small business so I wanted to bring up just a few things that you may not realize.

  1. You are supporting someone’s dream. Many small businesses start out of labors of love. Most small businesses don’t start up to make large amounts of money. If that happens along the journey that is the ultimate dream, but for so many that is not what happens. Many small business owner’s will throw all their money into the business, they may work multiple jobs to support their life and keep the business afloat, they may also have a large loan they took out to start up the business. Starting a business is hard, brutal, and at times gut wrenching. We do it though because we love what we do and we love our clients. We want to provide a great service and even if that means our heart is broken and we are terrified if we are going to survive, we do it.
  2. Every single purchase matters. When you make a purchase from a small business everyone gets excited. They have customers! They have some revenue coming in. When you purchase from a large corporation your purchase is a blip on a pie chart for their quarterly meeting.
  3. You get to meet the CEO, CFO, Marketing President, and worker all in one transaction. Many small business owners are in the shop day in and day out. So it is likely you will meet the owner of the business in your dealings with that store. When you are a small business owner you put on many hats.
  4. You are giving back into your community. Many small business owners are very community minded. They do things to improve the community. They employ local people in your community. You are helping to support and grow the place that you live and in return making that community a better place to live.

Here are just a few things to think about when you chose local verses chain. Now I am not anti-chain stores by any means. I still love a good meal at Chick-fil-a or Olive Garden. I do love my pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. I love however supporting my local businesses. I love going into Urban Teahouse and talking with the owner. I love that there are familiar faces when I go in. I love going to Pawtopia and they know my name. I love knowing that I am supporting my community and supporting families working the hard grind the same way I am.

So next time you are trying to find a place to go eat or shop, look up some local places.

Here is a list of some of my favorite OKC small businesses.

Wild Hero Coffee– If I want to stay in Mustang and get a cup of coffee while I work on blog posts this is the place I go.

Urban Teahouse– My favorite go to spot to write blog posts and do other business work. It’s quiet and relaxed. I can also drink a cup or two of tea and not lose my mind like coffee does to me.

Pie Junkie– Umm…’s pie…need I say more? I will because it is delicious! Everyone there is so nice and helpful. They have always been absolutely amazing every time I have been there to meet clients or for personal pie eating.

Aurora Breakfast Bar & Backyard– This is a great little breakfast place. I tell Cameron that he has a breakfast problem. Every Saturday morning he wakes up and his first thought is where can we go for breakfast. So this is a great family friendly place. They encourage for people to bring their kids and join the family. As a new momma that is terrified of Eva throwing a fit at a restaurant I appreciate a safe place to take her.

Chick N Beer– If you know me I am not a ‘salad girl’. I do love salads but I also can put down food like the best of them. So I love chicken wings. I have no shame on how un-dainty I am when eating them. This place has awesome chicken wings. In my opinion way better than some of the national chains.

Coop Ale Works– This is a local brewery that is actually like .5 mile from our house. We used to frequent there before Eva. A baby kind of changes your pocket book and what you do in your free time. Instead of a beer at Coop we are ecstatic if she goes to sleep before 9 without screaming and we can lay down and go to sleep.

Sara Sara Cupcakes– They have great cupcakes. I am very picky about my cupcakes. I like some sweetness but not overboard. I like some icing but not a ton. I also want the cake to be moist. So Sara Sara fits my requirements.

Buttersweet Cupcakes– They fit the same requirements as Sara Sara but they have a location that is close to home. So they are another great option for me!

Pawtopia– I love this pet store. We have worked with them in the past to fundraise for local animal rescues. They are such a fun friendly place. Our pups love going around and smelling everything.

So here are some of my favorites. Tell me some of yours and lets share the local love!



**I’m not a spokesman for any of these businesses. This is my own personal thoughts and reviews on them.

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