Gabe & Mackenzie | Married

Their wedding was so beautiful at the Sheraton in Downtown OKC. The reception was in the ballroom downstairs. The flowers on the tables were beyond amazing! They were these huge arrangements. The grooms ‘cake’ was the grandma’s famous cheesecakes (That she made for the wedding). I can tell you that they were amazing! (We always try to sneak a piece of cake, I love wedding cake!)

What a blessing being a part of this wedding was. I met with Mackenzie and Gabe at Sara Sara Cupcakes. We talked with ease. I knew that they were going to be a great couple. I was so excited when they told me that it was a no-brainer that they had to have us as their photographer! They both have huge hearts of gold and I felt so loved at their wedding. Mackenzie gave me such a sweet gift the night before her wedding. I am so grateful for clients, well friends, like Mackenzie and Gabe. They are the real deal.

Enjoy this amazing wedding!



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