Exciting Bittersweet News

This is a very bittersweet announcement to make. I have tried writing this post several times and never felt satisfied with it. I will have to give a little background so you can fully understand how big of a deal this is to me. At first it will be a little of a downer but I promise it gets better. There is also excitement for you! I want to share this milestone in my life by giving back, so please make sure to read all of the post.

Right after high school I moved to Massachusetts to go to Hallmark Institute of Photography. I moved back home and started my photography business, much to my surprise it wasn’t as unicorns and rainbows as I had painted in my head. I ended up taking up a full time job at a State Farm insurance office to help make a living. I have been working there for three years. I never wanted to have another full time job other than photography but this job was a necessity. It taught me so many great things and my time at this job has helped me in my photography business. My dad and I often talked about me pursuing my dreams of being a full time photographer. In April of 2014 he was diagnosed with a rare cancer. He had a very short but hard fight with his cancer. On March 1, 2015 he passed away. The loss came as a shock to our family. He was the third member in my immediate family to be diagnosed with cancer. My mom and brother both fought their battles and won! We all assumed it would be the same for my dad. ­­Around August of 2014 he fell and broke his jaw and nose and from then on wasn’t able to talk ever again. We would have conversations through text or writing but never verbal. So one of our last “conversations” just a few weeks before he passed was again about me going for my dreams, he had asked if I had found a way to pursue my dreams and at that time unfortunately the answer was no.

So fast forward to three months since he has passed away and the big, scary, exciting news is I put in my notice at my day job to go full time with my photography. I have felt God’s presence even greater since my dad passed away and truly have felt Him leading me to take this jump. Sometime it is a scary thing to jump and trust God, but trusting in His plan is far better than trying to live by my plan. So I am jumping and trusting in Him. The day I put in my notice was a weird mix of emotions, there was the “oh wow I really just did that.” There was the excitement of starting MY career finally after three years. The last emotion was hurt and sadness. The one person that I wanted to run to and tell the news to isn’t here. My cheerleader was gone. The day he wanted so badly to see, he never saw. So I want to do something to honor him. We are giving back with family sessions!

So here’s the great news for you! We are offering special family mini sessions. Starting on June 21st, which appropriately is Father’s Day, and ending on July 31st we are offering mini sessions for $150. You will receive an online gallery of the images from the session with the ability to download, share, and order prints directly from the gallery. We will then give $50 back to First Baptist Church of Mustang’s worship ministry. My dad had a huge heart for the worship ministry there and worked for that ministry as long as I can remember. So help us remember him and insure your family’s memories at the same time.
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  1. Trish Llewellyn says:

    Madalyn – I know this had to be hard for you to write. You did it beautifully and with love. Your are an amazing young lady and I know your dad would be so proud of you!

  2. Kathy Hale says:

    So proud of you! Your Dad and family are amazing and thrilled for you! So excited that you are daring to live your dream! Love and prayers!

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