Emily & Jim | Married

This has been one of my favorite weddings! I am not sure I can say that but these are some dear friends. Emily graduated high school with Cameron. She started having game nights a year or two after high school. We went and hung out with her and a group of friends and really hit it off. That’s when the game nights started.

The friendship grew more than just game nights and into a great friendship of laughter and support for one another. The first time I met Jim I knew there was something different with him and this relationship. There was a love I had never seen Emily in before. Jim treated her like a queen, he treated her with respect, and he could make her laugh. Emily is always goofy and joking around. She found someone that is just like her! There is never a dull moment with these two and rarely a serious face. They are perfect for each other.

They not only are able to joke and laugh with each other but they are able to talk school and work together. They met in med school and both just graduated and are about to start their residencies. I see them challenge each other and I know they will push each other to be amazing doctors.

I am sad to see them leave Oklahoma, but I am so excited for them as they start this new journey. We will miss the game nights, the fun dinners, and the laughter. We couldn’t be more excited for you both though. We hope your journey after residency leads you back home but we hope that whatever the next chapters bring they are filled with joy and happiness.

Much love!


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