Dallas Trip

So Cameron is a map editor for Waze. (It’s a navigation app for those of you like me that would have no clue what that is otherwise) It’s not a job it’s just something that he does for fun. Well one perk of all the work he has put into map editing is one weekend a year they have a meet up. They bring in some of the employees of Waze and they meet and talk about maps, and editing. It sounds like a real snooze fest to me but Cameron loves it. HA! It has been in Dallas the last two years. They pay for one night at a hotel and reimburse our gas expense to drive there. It’s a pretty awesome date weekend and I love it. So while Cameron is in meetings learning about maps and such, I explore the area. Last year it was how do you say…um…hot mess of a day. I thought this year, surely it can’t be any worse! Well…here we go…

So we started our Saturday at this cute little diner for breakfast. It was like we walked into the 1950s. It was adorable and delicious. I am usually more of a savory type when it comes to breakfast but that morning I wanted a mixture. I got french toast, eggs, and bacon. Perfect I might add! Well all was fine and dandy till we almost got back to the hotel when the pain started. I won’t go into much detail but I have had some gut issues with what I thought was pancakes. Well it turns out I think syrup is the culprit. So that started the day, never a good omen.

I then walked around the Grapevine mills mall. Which actually turned out to be pretty fun. I didn’t purchase anything but had fun trying on clothes and walking around. I was growing a little weary of just walking around a crowded mall, it was time for a change. I had a friend tell me to check out the Gaylord Texan. So I made the drive over there. It was absolutely beautiful! If you are ever thinking about visiting make sure you have cash. It costs $15 to park. Thank goodness I had some cash on me. So now I was starting to get hungry and tired, and still feeling a little ill from my morning fun. I left and headed to downtown Grapevine. I heard there were several restaurants, shops, and wineries. Yes I could use a glass of wine. There was no parking that I could find, I was tired, and ready to be done. I will admit that I have a pretty short fuze when I hit my limit. I found food, found a store to buy a bottle of champagne to have that night with Cameron and was headed back to the hotel. Well I wasn’t using Waze, oh the irony! I missed my exit because my car GPS wasn’t up to date. I ended up going to the DFW airport. Another little tidbit for you. Once you enter the airport property you have to pay for parking even if you are only turning around and are literally there for 4 minutes.  $4 to turn around. Oh well, it’s a whole $4. At this point I was tired, in pain, frustrated, and just so over all of it. I went to the hotel and lounged and napped all afternoon.

So the trip really wasn’t that bad! I make it sound a whole lot worse. Cameron and I got a weekend away. We got a day to sleep in without dogs stepping on us to wake us up. We had an awesome date dinner at Winewood. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I would seriously drive back down to Grapevine just for that restaurant. Cameron and I got to spend Sunday looking at some different shops. We got to experience IKEA. Which is another blog post for another time. We may have almost got caught in a tornado on the way home. (I like how this goes in my good things paragraph…Oklahoma native much? HA!) It was just a fun time making memories with Cameron.

So I’m learning that these troubles are just part of traveling. You need to focus on the goods of the trip and not the bad.


This is Cameron helping this couple get their car out of the mud with the hail storm is coming in. I love that he will help strangers!


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