Cast to the Right

I’ll be honest when I titled this post I started singing the Cupid Shuffle. Maybe it is too many weddings and parties but that’s where my mind tends to go.

This post has been a long time in coming. I started to have the idea or the nudging rather back a few months ago, but I learned on Sunday that this needs to be shared. I have had a lot of turmoil lately about my purpose, my job, my career, and insert a million other doubts here. I think having a baby makes you reevaluate what you are doing and why. I took some time for myself for maternity leave and I am starting to get back into it and I wonder if it is right. I wonder if I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do. Then God has a way of solidifying what He wants me to do.

So it started with a Sunday School lesson. It was one of my first Sunday’s back after having Eva and we had a guest speaker. I don’t get to go to Sunday School all that often because Cameron and I help with the production team in our service we attend. So getting to go to Sunday School is a rare treat for me. This week was totally a God thing. I was back from maternity leave and I wasn’t working in the service. The teacher was talking about Jesus’ miracles. He talked about when Jesus appeared to the disciples after He had been crucified. The story is the disciples were out fishing and they weren’t catching any fish. Jesus told them to cast their nets on the right side of the boat. They did and they couldn’t haul in their net because it was so full of fish. The disciples had spent all day trying to catch fish and it wasn’t until Jesus blessed their work that they were prosperous.

Then later down in the passage it states in John 21: 11 that the haul was great but yet their nets didn’t break. What seems like such an insignificant phrase carries such a huge weight for me.

So how does this all relate to me and my business? Lately I have been doubting my career path I have taken. I see people graduating from college, friends starting residency, friends having actual jobs they go to in their desired career, and I wonder if I am doing what I am supposed to. Should I have gone to a traditional college and worked for a bachelors. Should I have pursued a career in medicine like I had thought I wanted until I made the change to photography? Then God answers that He has me where He wants me to be.

God blessed the disciples in their fishing. Fishing wasn’t just a past time for them. It was their job. It was their livelihood. God blessed their business and they gave Him praise for it. God blessed them so much that their nets almost broke but they didn’t! God didn’t give them more than what they could handle in their business! That small phrase I talked about calmed a fear I had. What if the business gets so big that it breaks my family or my marriage. It was a small promise that God wouldn’t break me over my work.

So we fast forward to this week. I have started to have more inquiries come in. Cameron asked me where all of them came from. I said all that work you have done on our SEO must be paying off. He looked at me and said I haven’t done anything…I looked at him then and said it must be God. He said that is what I was thinking. God is blessing our business. I quickly realized that I had never just let God take control of our business. This was a part in my life I tried to keep back from Him. Thinking what does He know about a photography business. Only everything!

I had all this solidify for me this Sunday in our Sunday School. Again a guest speaker, I wasn’t working so I could attend, another God moment. The amazing teacher talked about when he owned his own business there were hard times where he didn’t know how he was going to make it work but God always provided. God always took care of him and his family. He didn’t fail.

So I am learning to just follow God although it seems scary. I am trusting that he will bring our business what it needs. I am not sure what direction that is but I am going to start following instead of trying to steer my own ship. I’m excited for the adventures we have in store. I am ready to learn and to grow. I am ready to be more open and honest and real.


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