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Morning my Boss Ladies! I hope your week has been going well. I can’t believe it is already Wednesday. The first half of this week has flown by! So today is not a practical to do or even something that requires external action. Whew! If you are like me this week I am drained and don’t have a lot of extra energy to tackle a new to do around the office or home. So this is just a meditate and feel good post. We all need those occasionally. So here we go!

I remember when I first started my photography journey it was full of emotions. There was excitement when I learned a new skill and I actually accomplished it! There was frustration when I tried and tried and then kept trying but still couldn’t master a particular skill. There was love as I learned to fall in love with creating.  I enjoyed the story telling aspect that photography provides. Then finally I felt hard heart piercing pain. This pain came from when I felt inadequate and those inadequacies were echoed by friends and family members. The insecurity of am I really good at this? Is this what I should be doing? Have I just wasted precious time and money learning this skill that I am not to be good at? It was a hard time. I had more bad sessions than good. I threw out more photos than I delivered. I went into every wedding terrified that I was going to ruin this persons most important day of their life. So many fears and anxieties.

Then one day it started to fall into place. My good sessions outnumbered the bad. I walk into weddings confident that I can handle anything. I’m delivering more and more photos from the sessions. It takes practice, confidence, and a willingness to learn.

So my loves if you find yourself in that stage of your journey where you have more bad days than good this one is for you. Dig deep in your heart and search for what you long to do. What you can’t stop doing. What you see every where. If that is the path you are on and you keep failing, press on. It is ok. We all fail and are all terrible in the beginning. Do you think Babe Ruth hit home runs his first time out? Probably not!

So we are all going to face hard days, days where we fail, days where it just seems like we can’t get ahead. It happens to all of us! Even those people you idolize on Facebook. They are only showing you their good days, they aren’t showing the bad ones. So keep pressing on towards that dream, keep dreaming, keep practicing, and most importantly just keep trying.

Happy Wednesday!


Below is a little then and now. The photo on top is one I took in my first year of photography school. The second is a photo from a recent session.

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