Big Changes Come in Small Packages

So back on April 12th I wrote a blog post about stop waiting and start living. In that post I talked about how Cameron and I were starting the journey to having a family. We were ready to stop waiting for things to happen and we were going to take charge of our life and start directing it. Well little did I know when I wrote that blog post I was already pregnant. Yep you read that right, we are pregnant! We are so thrilled and excited. I will be completely honest it hasn’t really set in yet, so while I’m excited I still am in denial that I am pregnant. This is something I always dreamed of, now that it is a reality it hasn’t quite set in yet.

I am still early along. I am almost 10 weeks along now. I thought I would share my story of finding out and how things happened for me. I won’t go into detail so don’t worry! I will give a disclaimer that due to it being about pregnancy there may be details that people don’t like to talk about because for some reason women’s health issues can sometimes be taboo. So if you don’t mind read on, if you get weirded out or offended don’t say you weren’t warned.

So we had decided that we were going to start trying to have a family. I had a few doctor appointments to go to. I wanted to ask them if it would be safe for us to try and have a baby with the health issues I was having. My plan was to talk to my primary care, my OB-GYN, and the oncologist I had been seeing. Well I saw my primary care and the OB-GYN but our patience ran out and we didn’t wait for oncologist appointment. We didn’t have a reason to think that there was anything to worry about that appointment, the only concern was if he wanted to run another PET scan. So actually I saw the oncologist on April 12th (the date of the above mentioned blog post). Luckily he gave me a good report and didn’t see a need for further testing.

So back up a little. I had stopped taking my brith control meds at the first of March. I had a normal cycle after stopping the meds and we were on the right track. Since I haven’t been off any form of birth control in about five years. We didn’t how my body would respond, what my normal timing would be, if I was even ovulating. A very nervous time for me, not for Cameron. He had this odd sense that everything would work out perfectly. I was thinking how?! How has anything the last year with my health worked out perfectly. Anyway though he had a sense that we had got pregnant that first month. I will be honest I felt it to.

I was using a tracker to start tracking my cycles so if we had difficulty we could look at it and try and find the problem. So during my supposed fertile week I had this odd dream. I don’t dream about my dad often but one night I dreamed that I was grocery shopping. I know that is weird! While I was in the produce section my dad appeared and said, “Everything will be ok.” Then he was gone as fast as he came. I woke up feeling this odd feeling that we were ¬†going to get pregnant without problems.

So a few weeks went by and my cycle time came and went with no activity. Was this it? Was I pregnant? I made myself hold off till a day or two past when my period was supposed to be. I bought the ‘sensitive’ expensive tests and took one. Negative. We weren’t pregnant. So I waited another week. I took another test. Negative. We hadn’t got pregnant. So my plan was to wait till after we got back from Hawaii and if a cycle hadn’t occurred by that time I would make an appointment for my doc to figure out why I wasn’t having any periods.

So then came one afternoon at the Y. I was showering after a swim and notice that my chest was way more sensitive than it has ever been….That’s when I knew something was not normal. So I went to the store and bought some cheap pregnancy tests. I just knew they would be negative¬†but I needed to check just to make sure. I went home and honestly forgot about them a little that evening. I went to bed that night and had another odd dream. I dreamed that I was at a doctor’s office and we were listening to a baby’s heart beat. A baby that was in my belly! I woke up and thought this is way too weird. So I figured it would probably be time for that test. I took the test and it didn’t take long for that extra line to show up. Positive. I had to look at it about a hundred times to make sure that I was seeing correctly. I just laughed.

I told Cameron later that day. I bought a onesie and some bibs that said I love Daddy. I laid the positive tests next to the items and waited for him to get home. He just looked at me and asked “Really?!” like 5 times. So I made an appointment with my primary care to confirm. She confirmed and gave a due date of December 15th. (My father’s birthday) The emotions were crazy. I was pregnant and due on my father’s birthday. It was perfect. It was a sign from God that this pregnancy was going to be ok.

So I finally got to my OB-GYN’s appointment and the baby was measuring about 3 weeks small. So that either meant our timing was off or there was a problem with the growth. It was a little scary not going to lie. Luckily we were leaving for Hawaii the day after that appointment. It was a nice break to not think about it. My OB is awesome! She told me to come back in a week for another ultra sound to check on the progress. We went in the day we got back from Hawaii. The baby was still measuring 3 weeks small, but on track from the week before. So growth was good, timing was just off. So a new due date of January 2 came. I was a little bummed that the due date is no longer my dad’s birthday but due dates change so you never know.

So what I’ve learned in the last 3 months. God controls our plans and works them for our good if we let him. His timing is perfect. His love is so strong and he finds joy in our joy.

We are so grateful and excited for the next 7 months and the years beyond that. We can’t wait to share this journey with you. I will try to be honest and open with the joys and struggles that come.

Have a great Saturday!


Here’s the photo we shared with the rest of the world to tell them. Then below are our first two sonograms if you are someone that likes to look at pictures of little blobs. =)

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