We Are Back!- With Big Changes

I feel like I have been under a rock for the last couple of months. I have finally emerged and realized there was more in the world than a baby, naps, and feedings. That was my life for about two months. We had our sweet baby girl, Eva Danielle, on December 19th! Since there are many out there that like birth stories I will share mine. If you don’t want to hear a birth story you can scroll on down to the pictures below.

My due date was January 2nd. If you haven’t read from some of my other posts I still have a part time job. I had myself scheduled at the part time job all the way up to my due date. The day before I went into labor I tried all the old wives tales to go into labor. I ate spicy food, we walked, and I ate pineapple. We were trying everything, I was done and ready for this girl to make her entrance. Well nothing happened that night so I just figured she was happy and cozy.

I woke up that morning and our toilets wouldn’t flush, well nothing was draining actually. This is a problem we have been having for a year or so. I didn’t have time to deal with it at that moment but thought I would call the city or plumbers when I got to work. I went to work like normal. We were having an office Christmas party that day so I didn’t want to call the plumbers before then. After we finished the party I called the city to see if they could come look and see if it was on their side of things. They said they were dispatching someone right then. So I rushed home to scoop the backyard of all the lovely presents our dogs leave for us. The city came and was working. While they were working I decided to clean the house. I had an idea. Why don’t I do squats while I clean. Squats are another thing that can start things, so hey I thought maybe two birds, one stone. Well it worked! On squat number 5 I felt something that was not a normal feeling. My water broke.

I called Cameron and asked if he was back in Mustang. He was actually in Duncan or Durant…(I’m not sure) all morning. He was very confused and said I just walked back into the office….why? I explained and I could hear the frazzled-ness in his voice as he tried to figure out what to do. By the time Cameron came home I had our bags and car seat in the living room ready to go. We left the house for the last time as a family of 2 (plus 2 fur babies).

We arrived at the hospital and told them my water had broke. They kinda laughed and said ok we will check. I could tell they were thinking, a first time mom, before her due date, yeah it didn’t break. They checked and were quickly convinced that yes I was correct. It had broke! The decided to see if I was making any progress on my own before intervening. I wasn’t, so pitocin was started. Let me tell you, that stuff works and fast! I went from oh that might have been a contraction to oh yeah that was definitely a contraction. I lasted about 3 hours before I was calling for the epidural. I wasn’t making much progress before the epidural. Once that was in things sped up quick and within a few hours we were ready to push.

I did like one push and she was ready to make her appearance. We waited for my doc to show up. Once she got there I gave it about two good pushes and little Eva was here. She was a perfect 6 pounds 7 ounces and 18.5 inches long. Our tiny sweet perfect girl was here and healthy.


We had Corrie come to photograph the birth. I am so thankful that we had her there to capture all the moments. I will be really honest I only remember bits and pieces of that evening. I don’t know if the drugs were affecting me or if it was just the adrenaline but I’m glad that we had her there to take the pictures.

Here are some of our sweet Eva’s birth and newborn pictures.



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