Ben & Sheena wedding

  The wedding season is starting up and it is coming up quick. We have two weddings this weekend and to kick start the wedding I want to share the photos from the first wedding of the year. Go grab your cup of coffee and get ready to see some[...]


Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Boren. We were happy to be a part of this wedding. They were originally planning on having a background wedding, but we have had an unusually unpredictable winter so far. One weekend will be gorgeous and in the 60s and the next it is in the teens[...]


The bride and groom can’t see each other the day of, there is no kissing prior to the ceremony on the wedding day, the awkward first drink as a couple with arms intertwined. These are all things that people will say you have to do, when you ask why they[...]


As wedding photographers you spend a lot of time with our clients before and even after their wedding. One of our favorite things is doing the engagement session with our couples. Heather and William were a blast to photograph. Madalyn and Heather have been long time friends and we were[...]

Disney Swans

So it has been a while since we have done a weekly what now… maybe we should change the name to spontaneous what now… no I don’t think we will. We are getting back in the groove after the holidays. Anyways this week we want to let you all in[...]

So this is not normally the type of post that I post- thankfully! The photography industry and this world lost a very sweet and amazing woman this weekend. Abigail Smith of Duncan Oklahoma. I got to know one of Abby brothers from a church camp many years ago and we[...]

Veterans Memorial

As today is Veterans Day and so many others have posted thanks I don’t think we can truly say it enough for what all of our service men have done. I can’t even begin to imagine the sacrifice that is made. Now also being married I can’t imagine the sacrifice[...]

So one of the greatest perks of getting married is presents! Who doesn’t love getting gifts? We felt so honored and blessed by everything that we received. One of the fun parts of being newly engaged is going and registering. We learned a few things from our registries. 1. We[...]

We had so much fun with Amanda & Casey on their engagement shoot. Cameron went to school with Amanda & Casey and we feel so honored to be able to be a part of their big day! They are such a sweet couple you can just feel the love between[...]

To everyone who has ever felt like: the schedule is too busy, your career isn’t where you want it to be, the bank account is too low, you just aren’t good enough, there isn’t enough sleep, and the I just can go on anymore, this one is for you. We[...]